About me – Music

In her other life, Kat is usually found playing with eclectic Steampunk/Bollywood outfit Sunday Driver and future pop/electronica act Talk In Colour (formerly The Shadow Orchestra), but freely admits to being a complete musical whore who will go with anyone – email me katarney@hotmail.com for session work, or to enquire about gigs, weddings or functions.

She is also Director of Shipping and Biscuits at Bakul Bagan Records, and producer and co-presenter of the Shady Ladies music podcast, alongside Mary Erskine from Talk In Colour.

Kat has been making music since before she was tall enough to reach the piano keys. Now still not tall enough to reach the keys, she plays harp, clarinet, bass clarinet, spoons and more or less anything else she can get her hands on. As a harpist, she trained with World Harp Festival winner Alison Nicholls. Kat is available for weddings, funerals, Bar Mitzvahs and corporate functions.  View her current repertoire with audio clips.

Kat Arney - Harp

Photo courtesy of Michael East

She’s also played:

Kat doesn’t do orchestral stuff, because she got fed up of counting 187 bars of rest only to miss the cue for the big glissando.

Email me to enquire about session work and bookings: katarney@hotmail.com

2 responses to “About me – Music

  1. I posted comments about your new book on my website about evolution and panspermia at http://www.panspermia.org/whatsnew84.htm#20160224.
    I think pseudogenes might play a role in evolution. Didn’t know you were so talented. Best regards, Brig

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